HerefordVision provides precision corrective eye surgery for people who wish to improve their eyesight 


Our approach is different: Everyone’s eyes and needs are different and we offer a personalised treatment plan bespoke to you. Whether you need lens replacement, cataract surgery using premium intraocular lenses or bespoke eyelid surgery, you will see an experienced consultant at every stage in your treatment.

Your surgeons


Ben While is a Consultant Eye Surgeon and director of HerefordVision. His NHS practice is with Wye Valley Trust where he is lead clinician for Emergency Eye Care and Ocular Oncology. He has a specialist interest in 'keyhole', micro-incision cataract surgery, lens replacement surgery for patients who wish to reduce their dependence on glasses, as well as eyelid surgery. 

Mr Ben While


Mr Simon N Madge
MA (Cantab.) BM BCh (Oxon.)  MRCP FRCOphth

Simon Madge is a consultant eye surgeon and director of HerefordVision with an NHS practice based at Wye Valley NHS Trust, where he is the Lead Clinician for Ophthalmic Surgery. He is fully trained in 'keyhole', micro-incision cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) and over the last seven years, he introduced lens replacement procedures, Verion image guidance technology and laser eye surgery to Nuffield Health Hereford.

What others are saying...


“Simon Madge immediately put me at ease because he’s got such a professional manner, so I felt good about that.

By the time I left the consultation I really knew what was going to happen and I was perfectly at ease.”

Bridget Thomas
Cateract Patient – Multifocal lenses

“During my initial consultation with Simon I was given plenty of opportunity to ask questions. He explained everything really well so that I would easily understand it and be able to make an informed decision on surgery.

It's amazing, now I don’t have to wear contact lenses!"

Paula Simpkins
Vision Correction Patient

“It was quite painless, very easy to tolerate and the procedure only took 20 minutes. The amazing thing was to realise within hours my sight was going to be good again. 
I’ve already recommended both the procedure and Simon Madge to friends."

Laura Johnston
Lens Replacement Patient

Why choose HerefordVision?



At every scheduled visit you will see an experienced consultant, from your initial assessment, through treatment and on to your last visit.


Experienced consultant surgery. No trainee doctors, no compromise and round the clock care.


Bespoke lens replacement surgery, using special multifocal astigmatic correction (toric) lenses, is simply not available in the modern NHS, except in highly unusual circumstances.

Hospital based care

All your assessments and treatments are delivered within the governance and safety framework of private or NHS hospitals.


In partnership with Nuffield Health Hereford, we have access to state-of-the-art equipment to make your surgery as safe as possible. In addition, should you require a night in hospital, rest assured that you will be very comfortable in a luxury private ensuite room.

Image guidance technology

In partnership with Nuffield Health Hereford, HerefordVision is unique locally in offering image-guidance technology as standard as part of your cataract / lens surgery experience. Excellence as standard.


Direct, quick contact with your consultant if you are concerned at any stage in your treatment.

No need to travel

HerefordVision’s unique innovative approach means that treatments previously only available in larger cities can now be accessed here in Hereford. Initial assessments and follow-up can also be undertaken in Brecon and Ludlow, with surgery also being available in Brecon.

Excellent value

We believe that HerefordVision offers the best value surgical eye healthcare in the Midlands. Due to our location in Hereford, costs are typically less than elsewhere in the region.

No bars to treatment

Local ‘low priority treatment criteria’, rationing healthcare for conditions such as cataract and eyelid lumps, simply do not apply to patients seeking private medical assessment. HerefordVision allows you to access the healthcare you need, when you want it.

Patient recommendation

Do review our patient testimonial videos for an independent view on a wide range of our services.

No waiting lists

You choose the date for your treatment, to fit around your commitments.

What’s the cost?


The fees associated with private healthcare are typically very affordable for an outpatient-based specialty like ophthalmology. We are delighted to see self-funding patients, as well as all patients with medical insurance. 

Unfortunately, patients who are insured with some organisations may find themselves underinsured after unilateral reductions in reimbursements for surgical procedures nationwide. Some insurers may attempt to warn their customers that our surgeons are not 'fee-assured' or 'quality-assured'; please do not be put off by such attempts to divert your care to a potentially less experienced surgeon outside of the county.


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