“There was nothing unpleasant and I was perfectly at ease”

Bridget Thomas  Cataract surgery patient 


“There was absolutely nothing to worry about”

Peter Blackwell  Cataract surgery patient

HerefordVision offers bespoke modern, keyhole cataract surgery as standard for all patients


Cataract surgery

Cataracts – or cloudy lenses within the eye – are the commonest eye problem requiring surgery, with hundreds of thousands of patients undergoing cataract surgery in the UK every year.

HerefordVision offers bespoke modern, keyhole surgery as standard for all patients with cataract. We guarantee that your procedure will be carried out by a specialist consultant who has carried out thousands of cataract and lens procedures.

Cataracts tend to cause problems with your eyesight, which can manifest as blurred vision, haloes and glare around headlights, or a constantly changing spectacle prescription. Once present, cataracts are highly unlikely to spontaneously improve and the only treatment is surgical. Fortunately, thanks to modern microsurgical techniques, the day case procedure is easy to undergo and the overwhelming majority of patients are delighted with the outcome. 

HerefordVision will guide you at
every step of the way


Eyedrops only

Many people worry that they will need to have an injection in or around their eye for surgery; this is no longer the case. At HerefordVision, a novel eye drop only technique provides more than sufficient anaesthetic, making the whole procedure much more relaxed, as well as safer. Most patients choose to have a tablet relaxation pill prior to the procedure, which, in combination with a kind hand holder and pleasant music, makes memories of the day even more positive.

Premium bespoke lenses

Cataract surgery offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to correct your eyes’ spectacle requirements, with many people achieving the best vision that they have ever had following surgery. Critical to this success is the correct choice of lens implant, with the choice including multifocal, toric (astigmatic correction), toric multifocal, trifocal and extended-range-of-focus. HerefordVision will guide you at every step of the way to ensure that you make the correct choice, bearing in mind your goals and, of course, your eyes.

Please watch the informational video above on a recent patient’s experience of cataract surgery with HerefordVision.

Following the procedure

Rehabilitation following the modern cataract procedure is fast, with many patients attaining 20/20 vision or better within 24-36 hours. In order to ensure your complete reassurance, you will have direct telephone access to your consultant at every stage after the procedure and all patients are contacted as a matter of course the day after surgery. Follow-up is normally only required at one week and many patients undergo second eye surgery within a fortnight of the first.

Why wait?

There is certainly no need to wait until your cataract is ‘ripe’ these days. In fact, many patients are choosing to have cataract surgery at earlier and earlier stages in order to take advantage of the tremendous advantages that modern intraocular lenses can bring, greatly reducing one’s spectacle-dependence.

Within the NHS setting, most regions have referral criteria, which mean that patients need to have very poor vision before surgery can be contemplated. With HerefordVision you can obtain excellent vision without waiting. No waiting lists, no trainee doctors, no compromise.


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