Is it laser that you need? 

Most probably not if you are over 50: When many people think of vision correction, they automatically assume that this will be done with a laser and are surprised when refractive lens exchange (lens replacement) is recommended instead. 

Laser eye surgery is a good, safe treatment for patients who wish to simply change their distance spectacle correction, but it does not always effectively treat presbyopia, the normal age-related decline in focusing power of the eyes. 
In addition, the amount of short- and especially long-sightedness that can be effectively treated with laser is limited to a narrow range. Furthermore, in the presence of cataract, laser eye surgery can complicate subsequent required cataract surgery.

Many people actually require lens replacement surgery instead, which, when combined with astounding image-guidance technology here in Hereford, gives longer-lasting results, which are just as impressive. 

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Due to local logistical and national regulatory issues, as of 2016 we are no longer able to provide laser eye surgery in Hereford, however, our very positive experience of the technique locally has allowed us to fully understand its benefits and limitations.


For people who don’t want to wear spectacles or contact lenses, vision correction surgical options include:

Please do review the experience of one of our laser eye surgery patients, Paula, who can tell you more about the vision correction experience with HerefordVision.

“I highly recommend to anyone who’s thinking about eye surgery to have it done”

Paula Simpkins  Vision correction patient



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