Excellence as standard

Since December 2016, HerefordVision has embraced impressive image guidance technology to precisely align premium intraocular lenses.

Premium intraocular lenses, such as toric and multifocal lenses, offer optical benefits over and above standard lenses for many patients undergoing cataract or lens replacement surgery. 

The Verion system tracks the position of each individual patient’s eye, allowing real time alignment of lenses at a whole new level of precision. A digital display of the optimum lens position is presented via the surgeon’s microscope eyepiece, allowing faster and safer surgery, more accurate than ever before.

As a result of this incredible new technology, toric and other premium lenses can now be more safely used in a wider range of patients, who hitherto could not benefit. With HerefordVision, the use of the Verion system is included as part of your package fee: excellence as standard.

The technology also has benefits for patients undergoing surgery with standard, monofocal lenses, as it allows more precise alignment of surgical instrumentation during the procedure, as well as enhanced postoperative information for the surgeon.



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